Friday, May 9, 2014

Change of behavior, Wednesday

There's a definite pattern. Home alone, lots of sleeping. At about 5pm the kids begin to get restless as if their internal clocks know food will be arriving soon.
Food arrives.
Papa stops feeding the kids. They peck him. Groom him.
All of a sudden Mama is on a branch in my face. This is different and atypical. Doves are skittish, shy. Maybe I'm a known factor now. At any rate we have a conversation. "You're family is beautiful. You're doing a great job". Reply: "Coo coo".
Mama in nest. Kids have already been fed. SECOND feeding session.
These kids expand daily. When they really flap their wings I can't get a sharp picture. I don't want to use flash to try and freeze action.  They're comfortable with my presence. When they nap during the day they seem so small, but just look at the size of these kids! The second hatched still has a fuzzy bottom.

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