Sunday, May 25, 2014

Getting cleaner

There's a cardinal nest in the garden, probable hatch judging by visits of male to nest. Can't hear anything yet. Good location. The babies can fledge into the trees when ready.
Back to 69th street. Young pigeon still on ledge. Lots of preening going on. Perhaps the grunge has nutritional value. Lord knows there's enough of it, nest filth residue.  The left foot still has fungus toes, but the right foot is now free of fungus.
Up above the adult pigeon flies off ledge, then back onto ledge.Flying message? If so youngster is not getting the message.
Graceful grunge removal.
Adult still trying to show "up". Ignored by youngster.
Into the park. Grackles, stunning blue.
Back to Ledger. Portrait time. Delightful mess.

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