Saturday, May 24, 2014

Orioles and more

Starting the day with oriole in the cotoneaster feels good. The one disappointment  has been not seeing the grosbeaks. They also like this plant.
Great robin nest, well hidden unlike the out-in-the open other nest. These nestlings will fledge soon.
Time for a giggle. Dove sat serenely in the water, nice and clean, then went into the dirty dusty leaves to ant, BUT- "Sieg Heil!"?  A Nazi dove???  I know what it was doing, but this sure was funny.
Dove was getting feathers clean and dry, very pretty even if it is a Nazi.
Back in our garden the kids are in the same area. They know how to pick from the ground. It's mostly two plus one, no sharing.  Sometimes they're there to observe and sometimes I can't find them. Docile, not afraid of humans.
I've also seen five juveniles squabbling, no sharing. They're still big babies.

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