Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Back to Ledger

One doesn't think about how many feathers a pigeon has. Having sat in a grungy poopy nest for all of the nestling stage every one of the feathers needs to be cleaned before there is prolonged flight. Ledger may be on the building till Christmas.
The adults often watch from above, but I haven't seen them feed Ledger.
Off to the park, the first robin fledgling for this season.
Mouthful of food means there's a nest nearby, a well protected nest.
The common yellow throat female having a quiet moment while the oriole picks at cotoneaster blossoms.
There were so many bugs flying out of the ground that the sparrow was doing a yoyo routine, jump up, shag a bug, sit, jump up, shag a bug, sit, jump up, shag another bug, sit.
It's that time again, screaming baby starlings
Back to Ledger.  There are still many feathers that need cleaning.  The building owner put some bird seed on the sidewalk. Ledger has no interest in it, but sometimes pecks at the stone wall.

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