Friday, May 30, 2014

Love the babies

It's nice to still see a warbler,  the magnolia.
The red eyed vireo here for the summer
On to babies..... 72nd street directional sign.... upstairs condo.... can't see inside, but lower condo has three nestlings, hard to see at this point. Plastic front door.
By Capezzio Store on Amsterdam Avenue, very well hidden robin nest. One baby has already fledged.
On to Tanners. I heard the baby voice first, saw youngster hiding in leaves. Finally came out on the rock to explore, but went back into dappled leaves.
Time to be fed. I delivered some cranberries. Down the hatch.  The Papa did place a worm on the ground in front of  baby, but baby was clueless as to what it was or how to do anything with it.
Baby voices in the pine tree. Ooo, a new baby.
Papa and kid. He's in charge of supplying food and safety.
A second new babies. From behavior I knew these were new fledglings. Adorable.
I looked for the nest. Right over my head.
The noisiest fledglings. This starling didn't understand MOVE.  Stood there till I was 9" away. Then it scurried ahead. I'm not sure it had the fly part yet, because all it did was scurry. It felt like shooing a kindergarten kid.
FOOD!!  I want food NOW!!
Young starlings crack me up.  Definitely not opera singers.

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