Thursday, May 15, 2014

Indigo and orange bliss

There are days when everything comes together perfectly. Such days are rare. And magical!  One spot near the little wooden bridge. Water. Sun. Bugs. Little birds singing high in the trees, but not always so high, because they'd come down to bathe, go back half way to preen, wait in the sun, flit around catching bugs. It's possible in that spot to stand on the path, a steep path, and be almost as high as the tree tops. Fun time. Busy, flirting indigo bunting.
But the best came as a shock to me. I had only seen a blackburnian warbler twice before always very high in the trees. My brain registered shock, "The poor bird has sun stroke". And then my brain clicked. An OH, MY GOD bird not high up.  What a thrilling few minutes. This was a never before experience. Everything was right except it would have been nice if there was such a thing as a lightweight professional quality 800mm lens.
My eyes and heart will never get enough of such beauty.

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