Monday, May 30, 2011

All's well

Time to check up on the newcomer from day before yesterday. Newbie and sibling are in the trees at the dog space,- dark, dense leaves, hard to find. The trick is to watch Papa and see where chow gets delivered. Delivery is very fast, so it's necessary to not lose sight of the food delivery.

Ah, there's one kid, really nicely situated, top cover, under cover. Safe.

I suspect this is the younger sibling. Stayed put all day.

Hearing second baby, but from where? Search. Oops! Right over my head. Never stand under the rear end of a bird!

This youngster eventually flew to the ground and chased Papa all around the food-hunting area.

Meanwhile, over on 69th street, once again a recognizeable ROAR, another baby starling. It's too early for baby starlings, a month too early, but they're here, and HEAR them.


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