Saturday, May 7, 2011


I'm a little behind in editing, but wanted to post some goodies from yesterday.
First stop, Strawberry Fields. There wasn't action in the flowering bushes, but lots going on overhead including this gorgeous tanager.

The oriole was singing, drew my attention, but didn't turn around.

A first for me, the prairie warbler.

First time in a long time, the Canada warbler.

The most astonishing scene, up near 81st street. Three crows attacking a squirrel's nest. My lens is too powerful, couldn't get all three crows in one picture. One was above. They flew at this nest, tried to jab into the nest. At one point the Papa squirrel took a swipe at one of the crows.

It was three against one. Squirrels were the winners. After the crows headed south the Papa squirrel came out and groomed.


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