Sunday, May 1, 2011

Around the water

A day begins with a destination in mind, this time water activity, but getting there involves other observations, quirks of the season.
I missed the worm, but got the "lip-licking" good.

It's nest building time.

Finally...... some water, the Gill near the little bridge, tiny winter wren working the rocks and logs.

Got a worm.

Black and white warbler checking out the lens.

Neck-creaking (mine) black-throated green warbler.

Back to water, the northern water thrush.

At the lake, monster fish lolling about. At first I wondered if it was dead. It wasn't moving, but it was alive and eventually swam off.

The beautiful male wood duck. I wish it had a mate.

To fish in the Park one must have a permit. Two young guys with permits were fishing at the Oven. The one guy got a bite. He knew how to "play" the fighting fish, bring it in so as not to harm it. At first this was very exciting to watch. The fish pulled away. When there was an ease of tension the fisher reeled in a bit more line.

The fish had a lot of fight in him. He even did the spin that gators do when trapped and about to be taken on shore.

Finally the fish was right at the shore line and not resisting. At this point I started to feel very sad. Would the fish get taken home for dinner? The poor fish. It didn't look happy.

Ever so gently the fisher approached the fish, picked it up and stroked it.

The fish was held so as not to harm it. Look at size of fish in relation to fisher's hands and arms. This is a huge fish.

Fish not harmed. The second fellow took picture of pal with fish, image memory, and then with equal gentleness the fish was returned to the lake, not tossed in, quietly placed into the water and released. It shot off like a bat out of Hell.

Next post, back to birds.


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