Thursday, May 26, 2011


The quality of light changes after 7pm. There's still lots of activity downstairs in the garden. Last night I saw two common yellow throats, but they were faster than I was. However, this female black-throated blue warbler was a one-take. To get results I was shooting at ISO 1200.

One-day-out fledgling doing fine. Moved from back of bench to a tree. Much safer for night roosting.

At this time of day following sounds is the key to seeing anything. I heard the cheep-cheep and followed my ears. One papa and two robin fledglings, maybe ten days out of the nest.

One baby was beginning to get the idea that food was in the ground. Poking around. Eating bits.

Second baby still yelling for food from parent. After 30 days they're on their own.

I went back to watch the one-day-out baby just in time to see this "drama". Papa found bread. Papa determined to feed baby bread. Baby determined to eat it. Usually eating something takes less than one second. I watched this from 7:14:46 till 7:15:57 and would have stayed longer, but baby moved higher in tree into leaves and I couldn't see what was going on.

I've seen this before in the garden, found bread, easy filler, babies more than willing to eat it. They get a healthy share of bugs and worms, so are not becoming carb junkies.


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