Monday, May 9, 2011

Sunday's mixture

Early in the morning at the pink bud bramble, sure as clockwork, each May, buds out, orioles arrive. Must be delicious.

Later in the afternoon as I headed out of the park, even with loads of people on the lawn, the allure of the buds.

Common yellow throat warbler

Blue-headed vireo

Nashville warbler

The usual problem.... hidden behind branches, leaves, trees, etc. A kinglet preening.

The house wren.

Gorgeous song

A yellow-bellied sapsucker had a go at this tree. They've now left town.

This turned into a watching circus. Up near Reservoir. At least four Cape May warblers. At least eight photographers all huge lenses aimed high as passing strollers stopped to ask, "What are you looking at?" This necessitating explaining about migration and the Cape May warbler. Little birds way up in the leaf cover. "Where is it?" Up there on the right. See that branch? Look behind it. See those leaves? Right behind those leaves out in the open. See the opening? What opening? Under the leaves, behind that branch, hidden in the blossom, etc. That was the challenge. Under, behind, hidden, flitting. Cape May warblers. See them if you can.

The best inquiry: Are you looking for a monkey?

That will be the day!


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