Saturday, May 14, 2011

Late Afternoon stroll

Work didn't get completed yesterday until almost 5pm. This was not exactly early-birder-gets-the-pictures. I had no idea what to expect. But the park was alive with activity and very different light quality. First stop, naturally, the bud bramble. The buds taste good. They also attract bugs, tasty assortment.

Even the black-throated blue warblers like this space. Good gnats.

I saw the flash of blue first and couldn't quite figure out what was going on. There was the jay with back to me and another set of eyes behind him. Could it be?

Yes! A wonderfully hidden blue jay nest, one baby in foreground under Mama.

Always look in tall trees. Knock, knock, anyone home? Yes, napping.

At the next tall tree it was not napping, rather tapping. I wondered if there were babies inside. No. I could see the dirt the flicker was shovelling out of the hole.

Late afternoon sun, common yellow throat, a real cute guy.

The more common scenario. Flitting magnolia warbler. Please, please sit still.

Ah, fine.... sort of still.

But not for long, bye bye birdie.


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