Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Daily smiles

First stop- the bud patch. The oriole dines at this patch like piano playing, bud-bud-bud-bud, right up (or down) the "keyboard".

Not everything orange/black in this patch is an oriole.

Also into this bramble, the female black-throated blue warbler. Bugs are the menu choice.

Gorgeous yellow-shafted flicker. I hid behind a tree so as not to spook this bug hunting beauty.

Catbird, not colorful, but enchanting.

Blast of red tanager.

Northern water thrush at Azalea Pond.

Flashy redstart, male.

I have no idea what the dispute was about.

The heron did grab a small fish, but it happened too fast for a picture.

The common yellow throat warbler, flitting subject.

I could have color-coordinated this posting, all yellows, all oranges, all reds, all drabs, but posted as I saw it shows contrasts better.


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