Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Not to be ignored

In the excitement of the warbler hunt I don't want to miss the other park treasures.
Finch.... tip toe through the dandies.

a vireo... I think..... I'm not an expert identifier of the vireos. It was singing beautifully.

Catbird going for seeds in plant.

Out-in-the-open male towhee. This was a surprise. Atypical behavior. Usually hidden in brush.

This sparrow is eating the seeds in the blossoms.

A sparrow had the paper for nesting material. Starling mugged sparrow and stole paper for its nest.

At first I couldn't sort out what these pigeons were up to. Snuggling? No. Eating! Seed opportunity.

A sure sign of nest-to-be. Building material and mud-chest from shaping nest bowl.

More nest material collecting. I think anything goes.

By Sparrow Rock, pleasant surprise, a nice flock of chipping sparrows.

An even bigger surprise, a couple of field sparrows.


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