Monday, May 23, 2011


I had a feeling this was going to be an eating kind of day. Wild strawberries available for the pickin'.

Horrible lighting on the blue jay nest, but this is good. The nest is well protected, not easily noticed. Getting very crowded.

Both parents flew to a near by tree. At first I thought they were cleaning their beaks against the tree. I had seen both parents remove fecal sacs. I'd never before seen blue jays use tree bark to clean beaks. Very puzzling. And then I saw the termites. They weren't beak cleaning. They were gobbling up termites that were hatching out of the bark and out of the ground. Very hard to shoot. Fence in way. Couldn't get close without spooking birds.

This was a first for me. Not a great picture, bad lighting, leaves in way. A bay breasted warbler.

Smart redwing blackbird hanging out by the garbage cans. Opportunistic feeder. Very sociable.

Times are changing. Food not for adult robin. Fledglings and nestlings now being fed.

Waiting mouth.

Someone's going to get delicious worm and termite mix.

Drop it in here, Dad!

This adorable youngster instinctively knows how to ant. (spread out wings in sun)

There's a papa robin and three new fledglings in this one space. Papa knows me. I bring nut bits, crunch them up and give to Papa who's waiting at my feet. Nut bits get delivered to waiting, demanding mouths. It makes life a bit easier for hard working papa. He's got three kids and they're not in one tiny little nest any longer. They call "Cheep-cheep", "Cheep-cheep-CHEEP!", which means. "Feed me!" "Feed me NOW!"


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