Sunday, May 29, 2011

Down by the river

It's Fleet Week. Very strange "birds" flying up the Hudson.

Riverside hawk babies doing very well.
Here's the background: Same nest as last year. Unfortunately, Papa Hawk dined on rat, poisoned rat and died about three weeks ago. Much concern, because this left Mama as a single parent responsible for finding food for hungry kids and protecting them. Park Rangers step in and cater safe dead rats to nest area which makes hunting time for Mama much shorter. Babies are thriving, bouncing around in nest and branching out. As I came along path I saw the one baby flexing its wings and doing the trampoline routine. Heavy leaf cover, viewing limited. I figure in another three days they might be out of the nest. I pray they can learn to hunt on their own

I didn't stay watching hawklets very long. It was hot and humid. On the stroll back I saw movement in a dense bush. Oh, joy. Baby robin. But visibility only through a slit.

Mama has food. Bread! A hunk of bread.

Baby really wanted more, but Mama dropped hunk of bread. Mama flew down to retrieve it
but a sparrow grabbed bread hunk and flew off.


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