Friday, May 27, 2011


There's no way to predict what's out there on any given day. Heading to the park along west 71st street when a voice I know comes blasting out of the bushes. What??!!! A baby starling in May?? Baby starlings don't start roaring until the end of June. Cacophony from end June into second week of July, never in May. Well, guess again. Baby starling in May ROARING for food and parent obliging. The babies are persistent and nasty. Will peck mama in behind if she doesn't deliver the goods.

Low light, not clear, but this is the personality of the baby starling. "I want food and I want it NOW!!!"

Only one shot possible before female oriole flew off. She's gathering the bud vines for nesting material. Hooray.

Speaking of crowded living accomodations, pictures speak for themselves. Babies are regular little blue jays, wing flapping, watching where parents go, both parents bringing food, watching me, yawning, dropping off, more flapping. They'll be out of the house very soon.


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