Sunday, May 22, 2011


If you're three years old you have to dress fancy to go for a walk. I had no idea what the day would be like. This felt like a happy start.

There were no orioles at the bud bramble so I headed into the Rambles. Lots of movement. I wasn't sure what was going on. This tiny bird caught my eye, warbler behavior, flitting around, very small , maybe 4 1/2". I didn't know what it was. Tried to get shots, fiendishly difficult. After I got home I figured it out, a blue grey gnatcatcher.

I saw this bird several times during the day in this area. It was always there and then not there, almost hummingbird behavior.

High above the sparrow had caught a delicious bug. Crunch it up for lunch.

Still... lots of activity. What's going on around here? Oh joy, termite hatch-out. Warm, humid, perfect conditions for a hatch-out. I stayed put. If there were birds in the area they'd be coming to feast.

The termites were marching out of the bark on up the tree. A hatch-out might not last long, but while it's happening it's lots of fun.

The black-throated green warbler arrived for the feast.

The magnolia warbler dined.

Next arrival, the parula. Hard shooting, because this was all back lit.

Finally, that hatch-out came to an end, but another began near the Azalea Pond.

The grackle gorging.

I've seen hatch-outs when there were no birds in town. Yesterday was a total laugh. Hopefully, I didn't bring any bugs home in my clothing. A tiny caterpillar did adopt me, but he got relocated on a leaf.


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