Wednesday, May 25, 2011

First day out

I saw this first-day-out-of-the-nest fledgling around noon when I was headed to a meeting. It was sitting in the garden by the path. I prayed it would be in the same area when I got back two hours later. It was. It had moved down into the bench area and was perched on the back of one of the benches. This is classic new-fledgling behavior, pick a spot and stay put. The maiden flight takes lots of energy. After that it's a matter of getting used to the outside world and all new fledgling robins don't do much flying the first 24 hours. Activity consisted of sitting, dozing, preening, eating, stretching. And looking at camera.

Behind my back the sparrow was collecting nesting materials.

Stretch a little.

I decided to head back here and get some work done, looked down at baby from the upper path.

Returned back down to bench area. More fun than doing work.

Papa found great meal under the bushes.

After such a huge worm it's time to doze.

Baby spent whole afternoon in this one spot.

Evening pictures will get posted tomorrow.


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