Sunday, May 15, 2011

Park regulars

There was a flash of orange that zipped by my peripheral vision. Naturally this had to be in the bushes. Two orioles facing off. Nothing gentle about this.

Further on both the female black-throated blue warbler and the more brilliant male.

A very cooperative veery.

I don't want to ignore the park regulars. This blue jay had a lot of personality. I had nuts. He eye-balled me.

Vacuum cleaner jay. Grab every bit.

It's hard to see, but this jay swiped a worm from a robin and took it up to the branch to eat.

More dining, downy style.

I know.... oh God, not another worm picture. Couldn't resist.

Lots of chatter noise. Four males. One female. Gang bang time.

I have no idea what this squirrel found to eat, blue something. Ate the whole thing down.


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