Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Point

First stop at this time of year has to be the pink bud bramble. While watching the catbirds and orioles I saw a hummingbird check this spot out, but could not get a picture. At least I didn't freak. Now I know they are around.

Since I only had about an hour I headed to the Point.

Most usual warbler picture, bird leaving. This time, a magnolia warbler. Bye bye birdie.

Same bird singing.

Out at the end of the point this tiny bird was wrestling a caterpillar. My brain was not working. I couldn't figure out which bird this was. Assumed it was a female, because of the drab color, but had no idea who this was. I knew what it wasn't, but couldn't get further than that.

Caterpillars have feet.

Bird kept beating on this caterpillar. Obviously caterpillar was going to be lunch.

Bird whopped caterpillar against branch and finally ate it whole.

Finally, a group of birders came along and I asked, "What's that?" Female redstart. I know the redstart, but had not seen a female so far this season. She wasn't flashing. Had she flashed just once I would have recognized her immediately. I guess redstarts don't flash and eat at the same time. After that the birders referred to her as "Beth's bird".

Big meal = big tummy.

At the end of the Point there was a kingbird. There was twine wrapped around a branch, remnant of an earlier nest. The kingbird seemed to be trying to pull it free. Re-use of construction material? Where's the kingbird nest going to be?

Very fine hour in the park.


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