Thursday, May 5, 2011

More brilliance

It is no easy task getting the plodding oven bird. I love low-down birds, much easier on the neck muscles.

When the chestnut-sided warbler appears it's a thrill, heart starts beating faster, total happiness. This little gem came down to bathe.

Bathing behind log. Funny picture.

Preening time.

At the Azalea Pond, two orioles.

Bye bye birdie.

A few days earlier I saw a group of school children with one of the Park Rangers, nature walk. The children appeared to be about 6 years old. I asked one little boy what he'd seen. "An oreo".

Next little girl, "An oreo is a cookie". Little boy,"An oreo is a bird". Little girl, "An oreo is a cookie". Little boy, "An oreo is a bird"..... repeat above as they marched on. I didn't try to fine-tune the kids. They're conception is charming.

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