Saturday, May 21, 2011

In between the raindrops

The goal on rainy Friday was to see at least one warbler. Migration is almost over. The fog and drizzle was not going to make this easy. Finally ONE, the female common yellow-throat.

As the drizzle started I felt there was just enough time to check on the blue jays. I had seen a glimpse of one baby last week. Mama very protective.

Oh joy, Three babies!

I tossed down a couple of peanuts. Why not make the parents' job easier. Out of nowhere the catbird appeared and honest-to-God demanded a share.

The parent jays took the nuts, removed shells in another tree, then brought kernels to demanding kids. My eyes saw 3 babies.

Just like robins, there's a timing, a pattern. Feed babies, wait, baby poop. Pick up fecal sac and remove from nest area. Astonishing. Parent about to fly off with fecal sac.

Alpha baby testing wings. There is no easy viewing angle into this well hidden nest.

Both parents stood by and waited for handouts. No fear.

Whoa! Not 3 babies. FOUR BABIES!!! The camera got it. My eyes only saw three.

It started to pour. Mama sat on nest protecting nestlings. I headed home with a smile on my face. Didn't mind getting drenched. (Camera safe in backpack.) I have a poncho and a protective cover for camera, but they were in other backpack.


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